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Digital Television

If you're designing electronics for digital televisions, you want a single chip that has the flexibility to address the features for every product model in an entire product series. What you need are programmable IP building blocks, with the flexibility of turning features on/off by the host controller, depending on the model features and price point. Just look at the things you can engineer in a digital TV using Cadence® Tensilica® IP solutions.

See some of the digital TVs that include Tensilica DPUs.

Where is Cadence in Digital TVs?

Audio Processing

  • Single core for complex Blu-ray playback
  • Low-power
  • All the necessary codecs from Dolby, DTS, others

Digital TV Tuner

  • Offload computationally demanding tasks
  • Match DPU to exact data stream

Video/Graphics Processing

  • Provide menu graphics and gaming support
  • Video stream and post-processing

Multi-Format DTV Demodulation

  • Perfect for high compute demands
  • Used for DSPs, DFE and FEC


  • Implement complex security algorithms
  • Prevent pirating
  • Ensure people see what they pay for


  • Used in PHY and MAC layer
  • Efficient turbocoding, OFDM filters, FFT, Viterbi

Audio Processing

Most other DSPs and RISC CPUs require two or more cores in order to handle the challenging decoding, re-encoding, and post-processing of audio for Blu-ray playback. With Tensilica, a single HiFi core handles this challenging workload at a power level lower than any other competing solution. See our Audio, Voice, and Speech section.

Digital TV Tuner

Tensilica DPUs are used in digital TV tuners to handle the computationally demanding tasks, including Viterbi and Reed-Solomon decoding, interleaving, and de-randomization. Wherever data streams need to be quickly processed, Tensilica DPUs are perfect because the datapath can be matched exactly to the incoming stream for the most efficient real-time processing. See our Signal Processing section.

Video/Graphics Processing

Tensilica DPUs can be used for video stream processing and video post-processing for blocks such as scalars, de-interlacers, and image filters. Tensilica DPUs also provide the 2D and 3D graphics support required to drive the TV menu system and play games. See our Xtensa® product section.


It's essential to implement complex security algorithms in a processor in case these algorithms need to be changed. These algorithms are often used throughout the digital TV to prevent pirating of copyrighted media as well as consumer access to channels outside their subscriber plan. See our Xtensa product section.


Tensilica DPUs can be used in both the PHY and MAC layer processing for efficient turbocoding, OFDM filters, FFT, and Viterbi engines. See our Signal Processing section.

Multi-Format DTV Demodulation

The high compute demands of multi-format DTV demodulation are perfect for Tensilica DPUs, which can be used for DSP as well as functions like decision feedback equalizer (DFE) and forward error correction (FEC). See our Signal Processing section.

Applications Processing

Subsystems often require embedded controllers. When you choose Tensilica, you can take advantage of our Xtensa processors to do the subsystem control. Find example configurations of our Xtensa DPUs for control.

Tensilica Customers in Digital TVs

Please see our Customer Profiles for information about Tensilica customers in digital TVs, including LG Electronics, Samsung, NXP, and more.